10FT Trampoline Mat

10FT Trampoline Mat
Manufactured using only the strongest polypropylene mat fabric, our Trampoline Mat is assured of high strength and maximum breathability. Fact is, other cheaper alternatives use a denser weaving to replicate strength, but the downside is that they often feel like a sail and have very little rebound. With our Trampoline, the less dense weave greatly reduces air resistance, thereby enabling greater rebounds. In other words, it's more fun bouncing away with ours.
We take our quality control very seriously because it ensures safety and durability. That's why we test our Trampoline vigorously for up to 5,000 hours for UV resistance and capability. Not many trampolines do this stringent testing. Other quality finishes include an 8-row stitching and V-ring attachments for extra stability.
Our waterproof and anti-aging Trampoline Mat is also hot-rolled after weaving for total smoothness and to minimize any skin-grazing effects. With a weight capacity of 120kg, anyone from the young to the young at heart can have a go with our Trampoline with no worries at all. Not least, a bonus spring tool is included for an easy set up and assembly.

* 5000 hours UV test
* Waterproof and anti-aging
* Anti graze trampoline mat
* Premium strength material
* Breathable polypropylene fabric
* Eight rows stitching
* V-rings for extra stability
* Bonus spring tool for easy installation

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* Size: 10ft
* Mat diameter: 263cm
* Number of spring loops: 64
* Spring size required: 135mm
* Weight capacity: 120kg
* Material: Polypropylene

Package Content
1 x Trampoline Mat
1 x Spring tool