9 Piece GoPro Compatible Accessory Kit

$ 55.00

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Turn an ordinary filming sessions into something truly spectacular with this essential GoPro accessories kit that lets you capture and control the action like never before!

The 9 Piece GoPro Compatible Accessory Kit Includes:

  • Chest belt strap mount
  • Head belt strap mount
  • Extendable handle monopod
  • Floating handle grip
  • Suction cup mount holder
  • 3-way adjustable arm mount
  • Remote strap
  • Bike handlebar mount holder
  • Storage bag

With these essential accessories in your kit bag, not only will you never miss a moment of the action, you’ll be able to capture jaw-dropping footage like never before.

Each accessory is super simple to use, and opens up limitless filming opportunity for thrill seekers and budding movie makers. So start getting creative!

Best of all, every accessory is compatible with all GoPro models.