Emoi Wireless Charging Tree Desk Lamp

$ 135.00

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The future of wireless charging is full of imagination, this Emoi Wireless Charging Tree Desk Lamp creatively combines desk lamp with wireless charging, offering you a fun charging experience!

Long press the control area for 1.5 to change to colour mode. Feel the colourful light and filled the space with emotion and imagination. Innovative touch control mechanism to allow convenient change of different lightness and colours.

Comfortable atmosphere lighting with 3000Kcolour temperature and 210 lumen. The natural light offers you 360 surround lighting experience.

Two-side touch control areas for different user habit. Touch turn on and off the light.

Input: DC5V 2500mA

Transmission Power: 7W

LED Power: 3.5W

White Light Flux: 210 lumen

Warm White Light Color Temperature: 3000K (±300K)

Color Rendering Index: ≥82

Product Size: 250 × 166 × 240mm

Colour Light Power: 0.4W

Colour: White

Materials: Silicone, ABS, PC

AC Adaptor Included

Package: Colour Box

1-year warranty.